Nova N801 Massage Chair


  • S-Track Massage System & Foot Rollers: Connecting with ergonomics, S-track rollers glide from neck to lower back, provides an intimate massage for full body; smart body scan automatically detect your body size for a custom message; all-round scraping and rolling function can effectively stimulate the plantar reflex zone to reduce your fatigue and improve the body’s immunity.
  • One Button Zero-Gravity: Press the zero-gravity button to adjust the optimal position by elevating your feet to 3.8″ higher than your head, and 7.8″ higher than the heart, effectively alleviate the pressure on the vertebrae, relieving the discomfort of back pain, give your heart a holiday.
  • Full Body Air MassageThe chair Massager airbags cover the shoulders, arms, hips, and feet area, you can adjust the intense for your full body. It also works for chronic pain, setting the time and massage strength to custom individual massage.
  • Extendable Legrest & Adjustable Shoulder Width: The electric foot massage part is adjustable and can be stretched to approx 5.9 inches to fit for different body height. And the shoulder width can be adjusted automatically according to your figure.
  • Built-in heat for your lower back to help ease and relax the muscles. Massage techniques- Knocking, Kneading, Rolling, Shiatsu, and combo knocking plus kneading in manual modes while auto programs give you a Stretch, Relax, Swing mode.

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