How does Shop Now. Pay Later. work?

Shop Now. Pay Later. is the new favorite way to pay! This option spreads the cost of your purchase over four easy payments with no hidden fees. Make your first payment at checkout; the rest are automatically collected every other week from the debit or credit card you sign up with. The total amount collected from you will be equivalent to the total purchase if paid up front.

What is Klarna?

1,500 people from all over the world working hard to provide payment solutions that make shopping online simpler and safer. They are in 65,000 stores and have more than 45 million users globally. They offer their services in 18 countries and are growing quickly. Learn More at Klarna.com.

When will my first payment be charged?

Once your order is confirmed, the first payment will be collected from your account. Please note: Your financial institution may place a hold on your account for the first payment once you complete your order until it is confirmed.

How can I return Klarna Orders?

You can return your merchandise purchased with Klarna online or in-store. If the order is returned via mail, you will be credited by Klarna through your original method of payment for any payment(s) already made. Future payments will be adjusted accordingly.

If the order is returned in-store, you will receive a full refund for the total purchase of the order, credited via debit/credit card or store credit. The remaining payment(s) will be charged to your account every other week.

Will I be charged for remaining Klarna installments after returning in-store?

Yes. A full refund will be issued via debit/credit card or store credit for returns made in-store. The remaining payment(s) will be charged to your account every other week.

Can I pay off my purchase early?

Bummer! Klarna doesn’t offer this option yet.

Can I split my purchase between Klarna and another form of payment?

No, at this time purchases can’t be split.

Still have questions?

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How do I increase my credit line?

Klarna frequently reviews your account to make sure you have an optimal credit line available. If a line increase is right for you, Klarna will automatically make it available.