About Us

Ootori is a leading purveyor of exquisite massage chairs. We have designed and sold massage chairs for 6 years, and provide some of the best selection and after-sales service in the industry. Ootori strives to embody ingenuity combined with diligent workmanship. We have had achieved top-tier results from product development to distribution with our previous products.

After making strenuous efforts to broaden the array of traditional massage chairs, our new chairs are on the market. We are introducing two conceptual frameworks in them: digitality and pragmatism. This transition marks a monumental step forward in terms of functionality and durability. As with producing and selling all our massage chairs, we have adhered to our business philosophy’s core underlying principles: satisfaction and efficiency, assurance and reliability, and ethics. Read more about them below.

Satisfaction and Efficiency

We aim to produce and sell massage chairs that exceed your expectations and supersede any problems hidden behind their popularity. Popular products sometimes merely linger on their nominal names. They lack quality. Instead, our goal in production as we began was to become a trailblazer and create niche markets, which in essence is about meeting customers’ selective needs. The resulting massage chairs provide a transformative performance with an unprecedented level of quality.

Designed in Japan

Ootori has been mainly a worldwide brand, which is why ootori has our own design team located in Japan. This ensures that the products we bring to market will work and appeal to the market in the world.


We design engineer, and manufacturer of all of our own products. This allows us to keep strict quality controls to ensure that all of our products are held to the highest quality standards. We not only hold high standards during the manufacturing process but also with the quality of materials we use.

meet the team

Monika Kowalska

Thomas Mounty

Chen Hua
Purchasing Manager

Robert Untys

Luke Dante

Sophia Smith
Customer Service